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8 Things You Don't Know About the Nissan LEAF
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8 Things You Don’t Know About the Nissan LEAF

Chris Sully October 7, 2010

You might know that the Nissan LEAF is an all-electric car that will soon be available in the U.S. (December 2010).  You might have heard that the Nissan LEAF’s range is around 100 miles in city driving.

Here are 8 tidbits about the Nissan LEAF that you probably don’t know.

  • Nissan estimates that it will cost about $2.65 to fully charge the battery.  Nissan’s Mark Perry indicates that you can simply multiply your electricity cost (per kWh) by 24 to estimate your cost per 100 miles.
  • The LEAF uses no engine fluid and does not have a transmission.
  • The home charger (optional) costs around $2200, but a tax credit of up to $2000 can be applied.
  • The name Leaf (also formatted “LEAF”) stands for Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car.
  • A mobile phone can be used to turn on air-conditioning, the heater and re-set charging functions even when the vehicle is powered down.
  • The Leaf operates so silently that it will include warning sounds, one for forward motion and another for reverse, to alert pedestrians, the blind and others to its presence.
  • In addition to having no transmission, the LEAF will also operate without oil, an air filter, a radiator, spark plugs or a timing belt.
  • In 2012 mass production of the LEAF will start in Smyrna, TN, creating 1300 jobs (when running at full capacity).

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